TOZ-35 instructions

Instructions for setting up and operating a TOZ-35 free pistol. Old content from

Sight Adjustments

Clockwise up – moves the shots upward.

Clockwise right – moves the shots towards right.

1 click = 1cm @ 50m.

Sight Adjustments for German people

German pistols have the rear sights labeled with the direction of the knob movement relative to the current shots position. So if the shots are high, the knob is turned to “bei H” (too High)


Screw 1 Trigger Weight– Turning clockwise increases the weight.

Screw 2 Trigger Position – Loosen screw to rotate the entire trigger unit for side-on finger application onto the “finger pad” – this also allows forward/rearward adjustment of the trigger for longer or shorter reach.

Screw 3 Vertical Position – Loosen to set the height of the trigger.

Screw 4 Sear Engagement – Clockwise decreases the amount of engagement.

Please Note :
The trigger must not be rotated on the shaft. The slot in the “finger pad” and the slot in the top of the shaft on which it locates must be kept aligned while the entire trigger unit is rotated, or is moved to the front or to the back.

Setting Up the Trigger

I Cock the set trigger.

II Turn screw 4 clockwise until the set trigger “fires”.

III Turn screw 4 anticlockwise one quarter of a turn.

IV Cock and “fire” the set trigger to check its operation.

V Adjust screw 1 to the required weight.

Storing the Toz 35

Before putting the pistol away, check that the chamber is empty, then carry out the following procedure:

  • Cock the set trigger.
  • Using the action lever protruding through the grip, slightly open the action.
  • Fire the set trigger. This should release the main spring.
  • If the action lever moves to the rear, it shows that the main spring is released.
  • Check by slightly opening the action. Some spring tension indicates that the main spring has been released.
  • The pistol may now be stored.
  • If the action lever is “floppy”, it means the spring is still compressed. Do NOT put the pistol away like this.

Follow the above instructions to release the tension on the main spring.

Dry Firing the Toz 35

  • Slightly open the action enough to check that the chamber is empty.
  • Make sure that the main spring is not under tension. See instructions above.
  • With the main spring released and the action lever locked in the rear position, the set trigger may now be cocked and dry fired without damaging the mechanism.

Removal of Bolt

  • Remove grip
  • Detach the bolt by knocking out its pin with a drift.
  • Shift the bolt lever forward. Pressing with the forefinger on the front part of the bolt, move the bolt lever to the rearward position. Grasp the bolt by the raised rear part and withdraw it from the receiver.

To Replace Bolt

  • Retract the bolt lever to the extreme rearward position and engage it by the latch.
  • Insert the bolt into the receiver tipping its front part downward.
  • Press the rear part of the bolt, and push the bolt lever forward until the bolt cylindrical portion is set in the respective surface of the receiver.
  • Close the bolt by the bolt lever and insert the pin.

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