Electronic trainer: Trace

This is a short presentation of the Trace Electronic Trainer System and of electronic trainers in general. An electronic trainer is a helping tool for all precision shooting sports. It has two main functions: first is to analyze the shot process, and the second is to act as a virtual shooting range

Curatarea revolverului: Colt 1851 Navy

In acest material se prezinta pasii pentru curatarea unui revolver cu pulbere neagra. Exemplificarea se va face pe un revolver Pietta replica a celebrului Colt 1851 Navy, dar principiul ramane la fel pentru orice alt pistol cu pulbere neagra.

Calibre si Arme cu bile de cauciuc (arme cu potential letal, autoaparare)

Sinteza calibre cartuse cu bile de cauciuc si arme de autoaprare cu bile de cauciuc. Informatiile de mai jos reprezinta rezultatul investigatiilor pe care le-am facut in online, pe forumuri, in chaturi/grupuri de detinatori de arme, dar si discutand direct cu diversi detinatori de arme cu glont si/sau de autoaparare cu bila de cauciuc si la cateva magazine ce vand astfel de produse.

Rink Grip

Rink Formgriffe is a german company that has produced grips for sport pistols since 1995. The company was founded by Thomas Rink, who was and still is a successful competition shooter in the German sport shooting liga.

Shooting glasses

Shooting glasses are worn by sport shooters to help them hit the target. They are as much a helping tool, as are a corrective device for persons with vision problems. The glasses are worn mostly by pistol shooters and shotgun shooters. Rifle shooters usually have their vision accessories embedded into the rear diopter, directly on the rifle.

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