PPC/WA1500: SR4″ match of 48 shots with a standard 4 inch revolver

The video represents a full match of 48 shots using a standard 4 inch revolver (Stock Revolver, 4 inch). The match is exactly the same with the Stock Service Pistol (SSA), but done with a revolver. This particular match was actually the second out of six matches part of the Romanian National Championship 2021, and particularly for me it was the first time that I used a revolver in a PPC / WA1500 match.

I used a standard Smith & Wesson 686-6 revolver with a 4 inch barrel with all original parts in it and 158 grains .38 Special ammunition from S&B. I used Safariland Holder 333-3-2-175 and Safariland comp III speedloaders for emergency reloads and Safariland comp II speedloader for initial loading before each stage. I used a open kydex holster for 6 inch L frame / Ruger GP 100 that I bough from egun.de website.

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