10x22T rubber bullet ballistic gel penetration


Ammo used: 10x22T (rubber bullets)
Distance: 1 meter
Target: homemade ballistic gel

Ball diameter (exposed): 9.56 mm
Ball weight: 0.733 grams (!!!grams, not grains)
Weapon used: Walther PP

Average penetration: 5-6 cm (2-2.4 inches)


Munitie folosita: 10x22T (bila de cauciuc)
Distanta: 1 metru
Tinta: balistic gel realizat acasa (dupa reteta de pe net)

Diametrul bilei (dupa iesirea de pe teava): 9.56 mm
Greautatea bilei: 0.733 grame
Arma folosita: Walther PP

Penetrare medie: 5-6 cm


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