Pellets testing with Feinwerkbau P8X

Testing group size of different pellets shot in a brand new Feinwerkbau P8X. 5 shot groups

Results (group size measured by eye):

  1. RWS Club
  2. Eley Tenex Air
  3. RWS Basic
  4. H&N Finale Light
  5. H&N Sport
  6. JSB Match
  7. RWS R10

Images with the results:



Another pellet test to determine to influence of pellet size and weight on group size. Tested with a JSB TEST package that contains diabolo wadcutter pellets of 3 sizes (4.49, 4.50 and 4.51 mm diameter) for 2 different weights (7.33gr and 7.72gr)



Tested the RWS Club pellets again, from another box, to confirm the compatibility with the P8X.




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